General Editor: Andrew H. Lee, New York University
Managing Editors: Antonio Cazorla-Sanchez, Trent University
  Rita Costa Gomes, Towson University
  Dan Crews, University of Central Missouri
Book Review Editor: Andrea R. Davis, Arkansas State University

BSPHS is the journal of the Association for Spanish and Portuguese Historical Studies (ASPHS; formerly SSPHS). The Association was founded in 1969 to promote research in all aspects and epochs of Iberian history and related disciplines. ASPHS conducts annual meetings, provides a forum for scholars of Iberian affairs, awards prizes for books, articles and dissertations, and publishes annually the Bulletin for Spanish and Portuguese Historical Studies. As an affiliated society of the American Historical Association, ASPHS also sponsors sessions at the AHA's yearly meeting.

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Current Issue: Volume 43, Issue 1 (2018) Digital Humanities, under the co-editorship of Andrea R. Davis & Andrew H. Lee



Andrea R. Davis


Deciphering Secrets of Medieval Cathedrals: Crowdsourced Manuscript Transcriptions and Modern Digital Editions
Roger Louis Martinez-Davila, Sean Perrone, Francisco Garcia Serrano-Nebras, and Maria Martin de Vidales Garcia

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